Nee Shitteru? (Revised)

Oooo, such an intersection of weird and cute, no? You really should check out the many other Mameshiba on YouTube. And how about these guys:

After a long, hard day battling the Imperfect Subjunctive and dividing Polynomials, a homeschooled girl's gotta relax, right?

Like all good international adoptive parents, Mr. D*S and I tried our best to encourage in Panda an interest and pride in her Chinese heritage. We joined the local Families with Children from China group and attended festivals and culture camp. The New Year’s Dragon dance terrified her, and she was relieved when a peanut allergy finally put an end to that. She bravely endured seven years of Mandarin lessons but plainly detested it. Like most kids, Panda was more interested in developing the culture of Panda. So her recent enthusiasm for all things Asian has come as a delightful surprise, even if it is mostly pop culture. She’ll find her own Panda way, I’m sure.


  1. OMG, that is SO hilarious. What happened to the guy in the plane? Did he get hit by a random cross-hatch artist?

    As for the boy band, I LOVE that; who wouldn't want a guy who ties shoelaces, gives out balloons to small children, and can spin so neatly in a library? I think VW washing man is a girl, though.

  2. Pretty ambiguous, I admit. I added another Mameshiba for your pleasure.

  3. I just want you to know that I am driving everyone here NUTS with my Super Junior obsession. Max thinks they're creepy (only because they, like him, wear their hats backwards but they are WAY tidier) and RIchard thinks it's mildly disturbing that I am obsessed with a bunch of skinny Japanese boys some of whom look like girls. Sigh. And there was me thinking I married a metrosexual...