My Favourite Room

At first we didn't quite know what to do with the family room. Having more than one "sitting" room was completely new to both of us and we couldn't afford to fully furnish the living room, let alone another 260 square feet. So the family room housed a couple of old recliners handed down from my parents and mainly served as a pass-through on the way to the backyard.

Finally we got tired of trying to watch TV in the living room. Although it's a pleasant and bright room, the glare of the afternoon and evening sun from the picture window made it completely unsuitable for TV watching. But before we could move into the family room, we had to tackle was the ugly fireplace.

Don't get me wrong; I love exposed brick—if it's great brick. This wasn't. A small windfall from my Mom went toward the TV, Ikea couch and rug. The recliners sold on craigslist to a sweet woman who was making a man cave for her husband for Father's Day. They netted enough to buy 2 wicker chairs, again from Ikea. Then, out of the blue, my cousin Dennis called to ask if I would be interested in a dresser and rocking chair that belonged to our grandparents. I had such a fascination for that dresser when I was a little girl, so of course we drove right over to pick the pieces up. That spurred us on to pull some of our art out of storage in the basement and actually hang it on the walls.

Last, I was forced to finish up the curtains I had started last year. Luckily, they were stalled in the last stages and within a few days I had them finished and hung. Decorating a room is job that never ends, I suspect, but I love, love, love the results so far:

Mr. D*S insisted on that big-ass TV, nothing else would do. He got such an amazing deal on it. Since I had my way totally with everything else in this room, it was only fair that he chose the television. Since we have no cable, it's mostly used for watching DVDs.

I'm dreaming of pale gray canvas/linen slipcovers for the chaise and ottoman, as well as some colourful pillows for both the chaise and couch. That's my next sewing project. I wouldn't mind painting the bookcase a lighter colour as well. (And, hmmm, refinish the floors, do something with that light fixture... the list goes on and on.) In the meantime, I like to sit here with my coffee on the tray I picked up yesterday, knowing I've foiled the plans of the poodle who thinks she's a person.

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  1. oooh, that turned out very pretty!

    & I <3 her attempt to sit on that. What a hoot. I used to know a doberman who'd curl up to sleep at night on a large footstool thingie like that. Very silly looking since he just barely fit on it but he was adamant.