Almost there

Two and a half days to departure, and yet we waste time. Mr. D*S and Panda are watching Hanna, and I am "tidying up" the remains of my office. The kitchen has yet to be packed, the house is distressingly dirty, and we're not sure everything will fit into the U-pods that sit in the driveway. But it's happening. Tomorrow we go to the lawyers to sign the papers, two days later U-Haul picks up the pods and we pick up the cheque. We'll spend that last night at my brother's and start our cross-country trek the next day, Friday. Mr. D*S will drive the VW van and I will drive the VW Golf. Panda and Moxie will take turns with each. Mox needs Gravol, so she'll be a quiet companion. Panda will keep me entertained, I'm sure.
You know how everyone asks "Are you excited?" Um, no. I feel numb actually. So much yet to do. Ask me again when we reach the Sault.