Bye-bye Little Big House

Doesn't look very big from the front:

But from the side, it's massive:

The backyard is small but quiet and private:

Living/Dining Room:

The deep charcoal grey on the bottom cabinets was an idea I'd been lobbying for for years, but just got done in March. I think it helps the dark grout on the tiling and floor make more sense:

Our first DIY project:
Panda lives here:

Mr. & Mrs. D*S dream of Gabriola Island here:

I'm still working on my favourite room:

Naturally, when we moved here four years ago, we had high hopes. Things didn't go as planned, but we hung in. The house gave us a lot of pleasure and I discovered that I loved decorating. However, if you can't make enough money to support those expensive decorating dream, it's time to face reality and get outa here.

We put the house on the market late last month, and it sold within a week. I thought I'd put up a few of the real estate photos for friends who haven't seen the Little Big House.

Closing is June 28th. We're shipping the furniture off in pods, and travelling/camping with both cars. Look for us between the 10th and the 15th of July.


  1. Now THAT is one nice-looking house. I fully expect you to assist me with my kitchen when you get here, because it needs redecorating, stat.

    How does Panda keep her room so tidy? And well decorated? Was she born that way or did she require grafts of some kind? M & D are tidy but not THAT tidy. Well, okay, maybe D is. FDPG is a pig, pure a simple. We've all but given up.

    That back yard sure tidied up nicely. It's beautiful. Love that deck and back bed.

  2. Alas, Panda thinks the floor of her room is just one big garbage can. If I don't patrol regularly, the banana peels and bowls pile up, flies start hanging out there, and it's a hazard to go from door to bed. She does have a very good eye for design, though.