Evolution of a Home

Slowly, layer by layer, we try to make our home the beautiful haven we imagine. Patience is essential. For 20 long years, I struggled to reconcile my vision of domestic bliss with the reality of too little space and money, and a difficult landlord. Now we certainly have the space, the house belongs to us, but bliss must stick to a budget. Compromise is called for, but you will never again see me buy something because it’s cheap and I need something right now!

The dining room chandelier is a Home Depot knock-off of one we saw in a fancy shop. The bowl is a very treasured part of my new dishes, Sophie Conran for Portmeiron. (In my wildest domestic fantasies, I am a Sophie Conran-type of girl.) They were relatively cheap, but much better quality than our old discoloured set from Ikea. The stripes were painted by Mr. D*S, with two shades of grey and a coating of gloss on the darker shade. Did you know that high gloss shows every little flaw in a wall? Luckily, I'm getting very good at ignoring that sort of thing. The mirrors were, in part, a gift from Panda, and we're still searching for some smaller mirrors to fill out the wall. No hurry.

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