Trudging Around My Garden

Your thermometer in your garden might be registering 23°C--and so is mine! But that's quite a different 23°, on the opposite side of zero. Shoulda taken a picture of that!

How fondly I remember February in Vancouver, with snowdrops and crocuses, pink buds of rhododendrons, birds gone wild, singing madly. The ground soggy, but green. This is the brightest spot in my Ontario garden:

Am I bitter? Never!

My mom is spending the days with us now, as she recovers from the insertion of a pacemaker to keep her heart from leaping wildly from 50 to 170 beats per minute. I'm sooo glad to be able to keep her company and help in a small way. We're reading David Copperfield aloud as a family and I think she's enjoying it.

And boy, we don't let the snow stop us from getting out into our little garden. Mr. D*S has shovelled a path around the perimeter so that we can throw the Kong around for Moxie.

All is well and we're patient.

Now get yourself over the Sheila's and see what's happening in her garden:
Greenridge Chronicles


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now THAT was funny!

    Don't you wish you were visiting me right now? Or are you feeling WAY too stylin' in that snow outfit? You always take a good picture, you know that?

    Funny, as soon as I read the first line I thought "She's talking about ME and is missing Vancouver!" Not that THAT was my aim at all, no no. Not at all...

    Hope your mum is doing well.

  2. Oh, by the way, some of us have to perambulate because we don't have snazzy snow outfits...

  3. Yeah, well, usually I'm out there in my pajamas with the jacket over top, and you can't see the duct tape on the heels of the boots either. But glad you like it. Bet you have a snazzy rain outfit--hey, how about a picture Sheila! Is it goretex and gumboots? In leopard?

  4. Hi there Sandylein,

    This is the voice of your guilty conscience, reminding you that it's been over a month since you last posted a blog, and that some of your friends in the WET COAST are wondering how you are doing.