The Deeply Suburban Family Grows

If you've ever taken on the task of raising, housebreaking, training, cleaning up after, entertaining, worrying about and paying for, a new puppy, you'll know I'm a little pressed for time. And stressed out. Bijou's Moxie Crimefighter lies sleeping for the moment at my feet. But not for long.

Sure, she looks sweet. But what you don't see is those razor-sharp teeth that she obsessively tries to attached to anything that passes. Your ankles. Your couch. Your down-filled ski jacket. Your snow boots. Yes, even sprayed with "Bitter Yuck," those boots are irresistible.

Did I mention ankles? And fingers? And the soft, fleshy part behind-the-knees?


  1. Pressed and stressed, eh? Ho ho ho! Just you wait! Not that I've ever had a dog or anything, but I can JUST imagine the fun awaiting you!

  2. Housebreaking is sooo difficult--especially in the winter! The rule is: crate, out, or CONSTANT supervision. It only takes a moment for an "accident" and there's been way too many of those.

    Until she's had all her shots (5 more weeks), it's too dangerous to walk her. As a result, she doesn't get nearly enough exercise for such a high-energy ball of fluff. We're going to shovel a run for her today, so maybe we can tire her out a little.