Home Sweet Home

June 29, Ontario

We're still camping, but now it's in our own home. We arrived Thursday night, the 26th, after nine days travel. The family welcomes us with such generosity and I'm overwhelmed by happiness and gratitude. The garden is now like a jungle,

and now that the house is empty, I notice so many little annoying details of shoddy workmanship that I have to consciously direct my mind from seeking them out and spoiling the whole effect. Because really, this is the perfect house for us. Only four minutes drive from my sister's and mom's house, and a five minute walk from a park and a conservation area. The park leads into a municipal trail that is 14.5 km. long. It takes us to the library in 20 minutes, and we can bike from one end of the city to the other if we like. We're 2 minutes from a major highway that will take us into the city in 30 minutes (if the traffic co-operates), yet we're in a quiet 30-year-old subdivision, close to shopping. The house is huge. After 19 years of always being near enough to carry on a conversation with someone at the other end of the apartment, we're constantly losing each other in here. And my knees, after 9 days of sitting in the van, are protesting the number of stairs in a big back-split like this. 26 steps from my bedroom to the laundry room. 16 stairs just to get from the car to the kitchen.

Dan the mover arrived yesterday morning with our stuff and we spent 4 hours trying in vain to check off all the boxes and items from Dan's master list. I think we've got it all, but only time will tell. In the meantime, we're still using our camping gear and and wandering around the house in a daze, full of ideas, and dreams for the future, trying to take it all in. This is going to be a big adjustment for us all.


  1. Shoddy workmanship, eh? Like our orange shag and smoked glass? Charming, isn't it? Get Leila to document it all for you, and then relay it in her inimitable 13 year old fashion. Sometimes things look better from the POV of a cynical kid. I know Max amuses me that way all the time ("You don't expect us to eat THAT, do you???").

    Lovely back yard!

  2. Oooh, I like seeing my name in print, even if it IS only as a blog comment. Hope you're missing your old cronies here on the Wet Coast. Nice blog action, Sandy.