The search for a home is over!

After almost 4 weeks of traipsing through a wide variety of houses, we've finally found our new home in Ontario. It's a 5-level backsplit, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, air conditioning, fireplace, full basement and single garage. Quite a departure from the little 2-bedroom apartment we've spent the last 19 years in.

I think I was so overwhelmed by the huge size and great condition of the interior of the house that I didn't see the yard very clearly until I got home and showed the pictures to Mr. D*S. So this is what we'll be working on this summer: trying to make something out of this space before we tackle anything else.

Good grief, it makes you wonder, what were these people thinking? Or did they just sit under their grape arbour and shut out the rest of the yard?

Any design ideas, any advice, gratefully accepted. We may yet save up our pennies and get professional help, because this is truly way beyond a novice gardener's scope. The drainage seems quite crucial, with the way the yard slopes up at the back, and slants down at the sides to direct water away from the house. As is common in Southern Ontario, the soil is dense clay. It actually looks like very little has been done since the builder laid some sod over the clay 30 years ago.

I so want to be able to enjoy my little back yard. After all these years in one of the most beautiful city neighbourhoods in Vancouver--or the country for that matter--we want to make a green oasis for ourselves in this deeply suburban community. Vancouver nights are quite cool, so I'm looking forward to being able to sit outside late into the evening again.

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  1. Get one of those fellows with a turf chewer (forget what the name of those things are), then lay sod. Plot out a few beds here and there, buttress that deck, and hey presto!

    Nice house, Sandylein. I hope you have some happy years there.