Poetry for Goats

You know what it's like, when a neighbour phones you to invite you to a potluck poetry event, and you're thinking, Oh, no, not poetry, I'd rather have dental surgery, but gee, they're nice people, and I did say I wanted to get out socially more, and it's only two doors down, I could slip away if it's awful, so...OK, sure, I'll be there. And then the time approaches and you think, Geez, why did I say I'd go to this thing? And then suddenly you're there and you're hit with this gust of joyfulness and warmth, that is, as Bill Bissett says, Excellent.

If, like me, you've never read or heard Bill Bissett, check him out at: in th whirlwind. You can hear him in Real Audio and see his drawings as well.

Good food, good people and a good cause: Goats for Third World Families, through Oxfam. Besides Mr. Bissett, we heard the poems of Miranda Pearson and my neighbour, Geoff Inverarity.

I'm so honoured to have been included.

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